CIPP Enrollment

USA Rugby Club & Individual Participation Program (CIPP)

  1. In order for team results to count all players must be enrolled with USA Rugby.
  2. All players and the club itself must be CIPP-enrolled.
  3. In the event of a lawsuit due to a catastrophic injury if the club or players aren’t enrolled in the Club & Individual Participation Program then the 3rd party liability insurance which protects the field owner, the referee, and players during the match would NOT be in effect.
  4. Your CLUB itself must be registered.
    To CIPP an entire club, go to, create a login, password and sign in. Once logged in, go to the For Clubs option where you may register the club, returning members, and add new players. You may register everything on one order and create an invoice for your school.
  5. It’s easy to enroll individuals:

A player may do it on-line by just going to the USA Rugby website

Go to USA Rugby web site
Click on Membership.
The page explains registration for individuals, clubs, and coaches.

Questions or difficulties? Call USA Rugby at (303) 539-0300.

The deadline for your club and players to be enrolled is the week before your first game each season.

In order for your results to count your players must be enrolled with USA Rugby.