Weekly Reminders

Sunday (some Saturday games)

  • Play scheduled opponent – Games are expected to kick-off at 1:00 pm, however, given that Club Sports sometimes share facilities a change may be made if done in a timely manner and for good reason –  failure to show may mean suspension from the league.
  • Call, text or e-mail the score of the game, including the number of tries per team, to the Conference Director and send email to tobrown@vassar.edu and tristaterugbyinfo@gmail.com.
  • Please remember to thank the referee.


  • Deadline for results to be reported is 12 noon.  Call, text or e-mail.
  • You should have received an email from the Rugby Referees Society of New York or New York Rugby Referees Society, “Whostheref” and you need to confirm all the game details with the assigned referee.


  • Contact opposing team, refer to the directory on this website, and confirm game details i.e. kick-off, jersey colors, ref assigned, and provide directions.
  • Verify transport to away games if you are on the road.
  • If no contact with the assigned referee has been established (i.e. you have talked with him or her and confirmed details), then please contact the Conference Director, tobrown@vassar.edu, and every attempt will be made to resolve the issue.
  • Check that uniforms have been cleaned.


  • Check that your field is available. If you still do not have a referee contact the Conference Director
  • Inform your school administration of game details.


  • Line the field.


  • Check that the medical box is fully stocked.


  • Re-line the field if necessary.